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Exciting Group Exercises

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The Rush Greensboro Gyms offer a variety of group exercises for everyone.


Corporate Wellness at Greensboro Gyms

What will a Corporate Wellness program designed by The Rush Fitness Complex mean to your company?

  • increased productivity
  • improved morale, loyalty and commitment
  • improved health and wellness
  • increased job satisfaction
  • reduced insurance and compensation claims
  • reduced employee turnover
  • retention of the best staff
  • decreased number of accidents
  • reduced stress

Corporate Wellness at The Rush offers personalized fitness and nutrition programs to help employees and employers get the most out of life, on and off the job! We believe that encouraging employees to exercise by investing in a wellness program is an excellent way to offer them support in their pursuit for personal health and promotes a sense of goodwill and FUN!

Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced, professional staff of accredited fitness experts will work with employees to achieve positive outcomes. A healthier employee is likely to be a happier employee. Studies have shown that regular exercise among the workforce introduces a constructive atmosphere that can improve overall morale. Offering this program may favorably impact a company’s ability to attract and retain employees. Energized employees show less absenteeism, have more positive attitudes, and may also enjoy less anxiety, tension and stress.

For more info, please visit or call our Greensboro Gyms at 336-854-7874

Greensboro Gyms Commitment and Philisophy

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At The Rush Greensboro Gyms, the idea that success leads to further success becomes a rewarding reality for so many of our members. We invite you to read their stories, told in their own words. We believe that you will be inspired; learn that change is possible; discover that fun and fitness do belong together; and that where you work out does make a difference.

Our Mission: To encourage and assist those who live in the communities that we serve live healthier, happier and more productive lives!

Our Purpose: To enhance the quality and longevity of each of our member’s lives!

Our Vision: To be instrumental in the continuing development of our society’s healthiest generation in history!  To have our members and their future generations of family members make fitness a lifestyle and be a member of the ever growing *Generation H*.

Our Strategy: To provide a unique exercise facility which offers a motivational and entertaining approach to health and fitness focused on making exercise both fun and rewarding.

Our Promise: To provide each of our members with the education, support and encouragement necessary to achieve their health and fitness goals!  To create an ever evolving and dynamic atmosphere that will challenge our members to live more active and healthier lives.

Enroll now at The Rush Greensboro Gyms.

Discover The Rush

Discover The Rush in 21 locations in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. Visit The Rush Greensboro Gyms and see why we are voted “Best Club” year after year by the communities we serve. As a member of The Rush, you will soon realize that where you work out does make a difference!

Our Spacious and High Energy Clubs are designed to keep you ‘pumped up’ throughout your workout! An incredible line-up of the finest hi-tech equipment available including elliptical, bikes, treadmills and steppers, to help you maximize your workout in the most efficient time possible. Sparkling clean and comfortable locker rooms provide all the amenities to restore and refresh you after your workout.

The Rush! – is the excitement that will thrill you, the energy that will empower you and the enjoyment that will inspire you.

Welcome to The Rush, perhaps the most profoundly FUN fitness experience you will ever encounter!

Yes, it’s intense, and you will LOVE it. Our brand of fitness is colorful, refreshing and rewarding. See it and you will believe it. Make us part of your life and you will never look back.

Our expert fitness consultants at The Rush Greensboro Gyms will design a powerful, personalized workout program to target your specific fitness goals and aspirations and help you to achieve them. And yes, it’s FUN! From the calm serenity of yoga, to the thrilling heights of rock-climbing, to making a splash in the cool blue waves of the swimming pool, to the excitement of adrenaline-pumping group exercise, The Rush is addictive! Fuel your engine! Have a good time just moving your body. One thing is certain; you will never be bored.

Friendly, cheerful people will greet you at The Rush – the first time, and every time. Our motivated and helpful team will be one of the reasons that will keep you coming back to your new healthy lifestyle. Rush Fit Pros are accredited professionals qualified to give you expert knowledge and advice. The Rush will give you the personal attention you need to succeed, the confidence to challenge yourself, the focus to achieve noticeable results and a workout plan that fits your life, so you can live your life the way it should be.

May Class Schedule

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Download our May class schedule at Boot Camp, Cardio Abs, Rock Bottom, Max Muscle, Knockout and more. Call out Greensboro Gyms for inquiries.

Welcome to The Rush Greensboro Gyms!

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Greensboro’s most exciting place to exercise! We invite you to experience our “LARGER THAN LIFE” features while taking advantage of our personable and knowledgeable staff. Our full feature facilities are available to make your visit a refreshingly fun and welcome one.

Everybody already knows that they should get healthy and we think you should have FUN doing it! It’s what sets us apart from the competition and helps us keep you motivated to return again and again.”

Visit The Rush at the Greensboro Sportsplex or call 336-854-7874