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Corporate Wellness at Greensboro Gyms

What will a Corporate Wellness program designed by The Rush Fitness Complex mean to your company?

  • increased productivity
  • improved morale, loyalty and commitment
  • improved health and wellness
  • increased job satisfaction
  • reduced insurance and compensation claims
  • reduced employee turnover
  • retention of the best staff
  • decreased number of accidents
  • reduced stress

Corporate Wellness at The Rush offers personalized fitness and nutrition programs to help employees and employers get the most out of life, on and off the job! We believe that encouraging employees to exercise by investing in a wellness program is an excellent way to offer them support in their pursuit for personal health and promotes a sense of goodwill and FUN!

Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced, professional staff of accredited fitness experts will work with employees to achieve positive outcomes. A healthier employee is likely to be a happier employee. Studies have shown that regular exercise among the workforce introduces a constructive atmosphere that can improve overall morale. Offering this program may favorably impact a company’s ability to attract and retain employees. Energized employees show less absenteeism, have more positive attitudes, and may also enjoy less anxiety, tension and stress.

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